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The CEO offered an employee a bonus of $10k or to double it and pass it on to the next employee.

The first employee elected to double and pass it on. The CEO thought what a generous individual this was and then moved on to the next employee.

The next employee also declined the (now) $20k bonus and elected to double and pass it on. “Wow,” thought the CEO, "even 20k is being passed on! What a sense of camaraderie on this team."

The next employee also chose to double and pass on. This continued for 6 more employees and the bonus offer now stood at over $2.5 million. In a panic, the CEO had to call his wealthy father to get a loan, otherwise his business will be bankrupted.

Meanwhile the nine employees were in the kitchen deciding how to evenly split $2.5 million.

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I asked a librarian if they had any books on "different noise levels"....

The librarian said, "Sure, what volume would you like?"

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I gorged on 14 cans of alphabet soup yesterday.

Ended up having a crippling vowel movement!

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I have no problem buying tampons.

I am a fairly modern man.

But apparently they’re not a ‘proper’ present.

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