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A doctor was trying to check an epidemic in a village. Visiting a family, he asked, "Are you taking precautions to prevent spread of contagion?"

"Yes, sir, doctor," replied the head of the family. "We've even bought a sanitary cup and we all drink from it."

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Upset Pilot (after crash): "I was trying to break a record..."

Farmer: "Well, you've made it. You're the first man in these parts who climbed down a tree without having to climb up it first."

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My lawnmower seized up so I took it to the dump and was told it would cost fifty bucks to recycle it. I didn't have the fifty so I brought it back home.

Later that night I got a bright idea so I put the lawnmower in the front yard by the road thinking someone might steal it.

Low and behold the next morning the mower was gone, my plan had worked. Couldn't help but brag to my wife about my brilliant idea.

My gloating only lasted one day. The next morning the mower had been returned minus the carburetor and the wheels.

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She was in the kitchen doing the boiled eggs for breakfast.

He walks in and she says, "You've got to make love to me this very moment!"

He says, "What's going on?"

She says, "The egg timer is broken."

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