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Two men are walking in the desert. They come upon a hole in the ground. One man asks, "How deep is that hole?"

The other responds, "I don't know, throw something in it and see how long it takes to hit the bottom."

The other man turns around and finds an anvil. He tosses the anvil into the hole and two seconds later a goat flies by and jumps into the hole. Just then a rancher comes up and asks the men if they had seen his goat.

One man says, "We just saw him jump into this hole!"

The Rancher replied, "That can't be, I had him tied to an anvil!"

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In the Moreno Valley (Calif.) Recycler:

"Homing pigeons free to good home. Must live far, far away."

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When a rattlesnake got loose in the second-floor hall of the science building at my university, it created quite a furor. Fortunately, one of the professors was an expert on snakes.

An agitated student ran to fetch him, urging him to come quickly, as a dangerous snake was loose and terrorizing everyone in the building.

The professor leisurely strolled out into the hall, examined the snake from head to tail, and calmly returned to his office. “It’s not one of mine,” he said, and closed the door.

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A client recently brought her two cats to my husband’s veterinary clinic for their annual checkup. One was a small-framed, round tiger-striped tabby, while the other was a long, sleek black cat.

She watched closely as I put each on the scale. “They weigh about the same,” I told her.

“That proves it!” she exclaimed. “Black does make you look slimmer and stripes make you look fat.”

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