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Sharon: I tell you, Doctor, even though I’m dieting, I’m still gaining weight!

Doctor: You might be pregnant.

Sharon: What?! That can’t be, I use birth control pills!

Doctor: That’s not a hundred percent certain.

Sharon: Then what is?

Doctor: Abstinence.

Sharon: Would you give me a prescription for it?

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I read somewhere that it takes a village to raise a child...

Where is this village and is there a number you can call?

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A cinema actor, suing for a breach of contract, described himself as the greatest actor in the world.

One of his friends took him to task for so loudly singing his own praises.

"I know," replied the actor, "it must have sounded somewhat conceited, but, remember, I was under oath."

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Girl: Were you named after your father?

Boy: No.

Girl: You were named BEFORE your father?

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