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Customer: "How much are these tomatoes?"

Owner: "Ninety-nine cents a pound."

Customer: "What? The stand down the road only charges seventy-nine cents a pound!"

Owner: "Then why don't you shop there?"

Customer: "They don't have any today."

Owner: "Well, when I don't have any I charge seventy-nine cents, too!"

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What would you call a bad-tempered gorilla with cotton wool in his ears?

Anything you want, he can't hear you.

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A stranger accosted an Irishman walking along a roadway in New Jersey. "Say, Pat, how far is it to Newark?"

"How did ye know my name?"

"I guessed it."

"Thin guess how far it is to Newark."

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The young bullfrog, full of himself, went off to find a wife. He met a cute female porcupine, and quickly fell in love with her.

He told his father about his love, and his father was appalled! "Why would you want to marry a porcupine," he asked, bewildered.

"Well," said the young frog, "the elephant wouldn't have me."

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