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What do you call words that upset rabbits?

They're called 'Hare Triggers.'

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"I'm ashamed of you," the mother said. "Fighting with your best friend is a terrible thing to do!"

"He threw a rock at me!" the boy said. "So I threw one at him."

The mother said, "When he threw a rock at you, you should have come to me."

"Thanks, Mom," the boy replied. "But my aim is much better than yours."

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People you do not want to hear say, "OOPS!":

• Your surgeon.
• Your dentist.
• Your nurse.
• Your hairdresser.
• Your mechanic.
• Your gardener.
• Your tax accountant.
• The computer tech person.
• The house painter.
• The pilot.
• The crew installing your roof.
• Your lover.

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I started a new workout routine this week, doing crunches twice a day...

I do Cap'n in the morning and Nestle's in the afternoon.

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