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An aging comedian is a guest on a late night talk show.

"What do you have coming up?" the interviewer asks him.

"Mostly phlegm."

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Billy: When I grow up I want to explore deep into the Amazon Jungle where no one has ever gone before and I want you to go with me.

Bobby: That sounds scary; you wouldn’t put me in harm's way, right?

Billy: Of course not, I love you like a brother Fredo, I mean Bobby.

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Every year I like to hide a dozen Easter Eggs in the house for the grand children.

This year my wife said "No Way" until I find the two unaccounted for eggs from last year.

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I don't understand why my business isn't getting off the ground!?!

Big Falls Mountain Climbing Guide Service.
411 Slippery Slope Place, Raven Heights.
Ph. 1-555-00000PS

If you don’t have reservations by now
you will after you review the package
details and read the 30 page waiver.

Free Brochure PO Box 13
Lic# 0H-ICU8-IT-2
Insured by Lloyds of Larryville

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