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When I was 20, "What am I doing here?" was an important existential question.

Now that I am 66, "What am I doing here?" involves staring at an open refrigerator.

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Anthony, my four-year-old grandson, was excited about the story he had learned at Christian day school.

"Grandma," he said enthusiastically, "it's about a woman God told not to look back."

"You mean Lot's wife?" I asked.

"Yes," Anthony's face brightened. "And you know what? She looked back and turned into the Statue of Liberty!"

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Granddaughter: Grandpa, I thought you were going to buy concert tickets for my birthday.

Grandpa: I asked if you'd mind if I bought the tickets and you said yes so I didn't buy the tickets.

Granddaughter: These days Grandpa, yes means yes.

Grandpa: I thought you would mind if I bought the tickets when you said yes.

Granddaughter: You're not going to go into that "Whose on first routine" again are you?

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History and statistics show that lightning strikes men five times more often than women...

But I think they got the wrong count for how many times women strike men.

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