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Each year our company holds a training session in the conference room of the same hotel. When we were told we would not be able to reserve our usual location, my secretary, Gail, spent many hours on the phone trying to work out alternative arrangements.

Finally, when the details were ironed out, she burst into my office. "Great news, Scott!" she announced. "We’re getting our regular room at the hotel!"

All eyes were on Gail and me as she suddenly realized she had interrupted a meeting with co-workers.

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There is a guy stealing iPhones around town...

At some point he’s going to face time!

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A married couple are arguing back and forth about the husband's time on Facebook and Twitter.

The wife threatens, "If you continue to spend more time on Twitter and Facebook, then I will spend more time on Amazon and EBay!"

The husband goes offline immediately.

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My neighbor just got arrested for growing marijuana.

I guess my property line isn’t where I thought it was.

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