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Within a year, our Young Couples Department at church had grown from one class of eight active couples to four classes with 56 active couples!

On Baby Dedication Sunday that year, we had 19 babies!

Our Pastor was so excited. He stood in the pulpit that Sunday with 19 babies and their parents facing him. He wanted to brag on these couples and the great job that they had done growing this Young Couples Department. However, here's what he actually said, "Just look at ALL these babies! Folks, this just goes to show what our young couples have been doing!!!"

The laughter started and continued for several minutes. Every time the pastor tried to say something, the laughter would begin again. Finally, the red-faced pastor added, "For which we are grateful."

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My New Years resolution is to start reading more...

So I enabled the subtitles on my TV.

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Which current is used in Washington?

Why DC (Direct Current) of course!

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After being locked in an impenetrable strongroom, a panicked Dr. Watson cries, "How are we to escape, Holmes?"

Calmly, the sleuth produces a small knife and a lemon, which he carefully cuts into small pieces. He then sticks the pieces of lemon on the wall in the shape of a door, and with a push creates a doorway.

An astonished Watson asks, "How on earth did you do that, Holmes?"

"Lemon-entry my dear Watson, Lemon-entry!"

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