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Your dog's barking at the back door. Your spouse's barking at the front. Who do you let in?

Well, it's your call, but the dog'll stop barking when you let him in.

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Beggar: Pardon me, but would you give me fifty cents for a sandwich?

Passerby: I don’t know, let’s see the sandwich.

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The Stork family sits down to dinner. The momma stork asks the daddy stork, "So how was your day dear?"

"Well", he replied, "I flew North and South all day, making people happy. And how was your day?"

She answers, "Pretty much the same. I flew East and West making families happy."

They both turn to junior Stork, "And how was your day?", they asked.

Junior Stork tells them, "I had a blast! I flew all over, scaring the heck out of college students!"

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“I’d like two pork chops,” asked the woman to her butcher, “and make them lean.”

“Yes ma’am,” said the polite butcher, standing then on end. “Which way?”

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