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A teacher was telling her class about the importance of dressing warmly in the winter, and to illustrate this, she told them the story of her neighbor's little boy.

"He went sledding without any coat, gloves, or hat," she said. "And ended up with a bad cold. Now, does anyone have any questions?"

A little boy in the back raised his hand. "Who's using his sled now?"

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Busily texting his girlfriend while hiking along the Colorado River, our fearless trail guide stumbled over a tree root and went flying head-over-heels into a patch of prickly pear cactus.

He tried to shrug off the episode, but for the rest of the expedition, we fondly referred to him as our 'Trip Leader!'

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Two daughters were having a discussion about family resemblance. "I look like Mom," said my nine-year-old, "but I have Dad's eyes and Dad's lips."

The six-year-old said, "And I look just like Dad, but I have light hair."

Then she turned to me. "Mom," she asked, "what does Dad have to do with us being born anyway?"

Her older sister jumped right in. "Don't be stupid, Christina. Dad is the one who drove Mom to the hospital."

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The chef at a hotel approaches the manager one afternoon. "Ma'am," she asks. "What might be the best way to announce dinner? Should I say 'Dinner is served' or 'Dinner is ready?'"

"Well," the manager replies. "If it's anything like last night, it should probably be, 'Dinner is ruined.'"

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