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I spent $80 on a belt that didn't fit...

My wife said it was a huge waist.

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Didya hear the one about the new show planned for TV's Food Network sponsored by the Arthur Andersen accounting firm?

It's called "Cook the Books"!

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Two brothers received a sled for Christmas. After they played in the snow for a half-hour, Billy was in tears.

Their father said, "John, I told you to let Billy use the sled half the time."

John replied, "I did! I used it going down and Billy used it going up!"

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Little Johnny's teacher was preparing the students for the upcoming Spelling Bee when she asked Johnny to "Spell Straight."

Little Johnny: "S-T-R-A-I-G-H-T."

Teacher: "Correct; what does it mean?"

Little Johnny: "Without ginger ale."

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