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To prepare for my daughter's First Communion, I called the church in the town where we used to live to get a copy of her baptismal certificate.

We lived there for only a short while, so I didn't know the clergy well. When the secretary asked me the name of the father, I told her that I couldn't remember.

After a brief silence, she said, "Ma'am, I'm talking about the name of the baby's father."

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A Washington reporter was awakened by her husband in the middle of the night. "I think there's a thief in the house," he said.

"No doubt," she said sleepily. "And there are a handful in the Senate, too."

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Its time for spring cleaning and I answered the doorbell and discovered a half-dozen vacuum cleaner salesmen who indicated they have appointments to demonstrate their products.

I went to my wife who she to me, "Send them each to a different room!"

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What do you call the soft tissue between a shark's teeth?

The slow swimmer.

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