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Girl: I’d like a triple vanilla ice cream sundae with chocolate syrup, nuts, and a lot of whipped cream.

Waiter: With a cherry on top?

Girl: Heavens no! I’m on a diet.

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Two new work crews were putting in telephone poles. At the end of the day the foreman asked the first crew how many poles they had done.

"Twelve," was the reply. Then he asked the second crew and they said, "two."

"Two?" shouted the foreman. "The others did twelve!"

"Yeah," answered the leader of the second crew, "but you should see how much they left sticking out of the ground."

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Bob: Last night I put my tooth under my pillow. This morning I found a dime there instead.

Joe: When I put mine under my pillow, I got a dollar.

Bob: WOW! You must have buck teeth!

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A dog was so clever that his owner sent him to college. Home for vacation, the dog admitted he had learned neither history nor science, but added proudly, “I did make a good start in foreign languages.”

“Okay,” replied the owner, “say something in a foreign language.”

The dog said, “Meow!”

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