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John: Do you know how big the world's biggest nose was?

David: Eleven inches

John: That's not very long.

David: If it was any longer, it would be a foot.

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"Jill," a teacher reprimanded the teenager in the hall, "do you mind telling me whose class you're cutting this time?"

"Like," the young teen replied, "uh, see, okay, like it's like, I really don't like, think like, that's really important, y'know, like because I'm, y'know, like I don't get anything out of it."

"It's Mrs. Dull's English class, isn't it?" replied the smiling teacher.

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Now that the new "professor watch" site is in operation, my college professors just stand there and don't know what to say.

Now I just read the books, but my GPA has climbed an entire point!

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CATEGORY College Jokes
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Two roaches were munching on garbage in an alley when one engages a discussion about a new restaurant.

"I was in that new restaurant across the street," said one. "It's so clean! The kitchen is spotless, and the floors are gleaming white. There is no dirt anywhere. It's so sanitary that the whole place shines."

"Please," said the other roach frowning. "Not while I'm eating!"

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