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"You in the back of the room, what was the date of the signing of the Magna Carter?"

"I dunno."

"You don't? Well let's try this. Who was Bonny Prience Charley?"

"I dunno."

"Well, tell me what the Tennis Court Oath was?"

"I dunno."

"I assigned this stuff last Friday. What were you doing this last weekend?"

"I was out drinking beer and fishing with friends."

"You were? What audacity to stand there and tell me a thing like that? How do you ever expect to pass this course?"

"I don't. I just came in to fix the radiator."

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A chicken pie in Jamaica costs £1.50.

A chicken pie in Trinidad costs £1.75.

A chicken pie in St Kitts costs £2.50.

These are the pie rates of the Caribbean!

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When the train stopped at the little Southern station in Arkansas, the tourist from the north sauntered out and gazed curiously at a lean animal with scraggy bristles that was rubbing itself against a scrub-oak.

"What do you call that animal," he ask curiously of a native.

"Razorback hawg," replied the native.

"What's he doing rubbing himself against that tree?"

"He's stropping himself, such. Just stropping himself."

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When your age and waist line intersect...

That's a sign you have reached the first stage of old age!

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