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What did the scientist say when he found two helium atoms?


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During history class the teacher was discussing George Washington.

"George Washington, not only did he chopped down his cherry tree," the teacher explained, "but he also admitted to doing it. Does anyone know why his father did not punish him? "

After a few minutes of silence Little Johnny answered, "Maybe because George still had the ax in his hand?"

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COVID-19 should be renamed “The common core virus”...

Because none of the math is adding up!

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After separate but lengthy trials two guys meet in a prison-cell and tried to get the upper or lower bunk.

PRISONER #1: How long are you here for? 

PRISONER#2 : Twenty-seven years. Hwo long are you in for? 

PRISIONER #1 : Twenty-five years. 

PRISONER #2 : Well,then, you sleep by the door: you'll get out before me. 

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