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During a recent power outage my PC, Laptop, TV, DVD, IPAD, and a new surround sound system were all shut down. Also my cell phone battery was dead. To make matters worse it was raining so I couldn't play golf.

So I go to the kitchen to make coffee, OOPS, the coffee maker requires power, so I sit down and talked to my wife for a couple of hours.

You know, she seems like a nice person.

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Little Johnny walked into his classroom with a fried egg on his head.

The teacher asked, "Why do you have a fried egg on your head?"

Little Johnny responded, "Because a hard boiled egg rolls off."

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Teacher: "What's the difference between 'He cleans the plate' and 'The plate is cleaned by him'?"

Student: "In first sentence he is not married, but in second sentence he is married!"

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When my friend got a job, her husband agreed to share the housework. He was stunned by the amount of effort involved in keeping a house clean with small boys to pick up after, and insisted that he and his wife shop for a new vacuum cleaner.

The salesman gave them a demonstration of the latest model. “It comes equipped with all the newest features,” he assured them.

The husband was not convinced. “Don’t you have a riding one?” he asked.

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