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My son Luke loves that we named our children after Star Wars characters.

My daughter Chewbacca not so much.

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Today we’re going to study about growing a garden. Take out your weeding books.

Today we’re going to study pigs. Does everyone has a pen?

Today I am going to put a new spin on computer learning. Take out your lap tops.

Today we’re going to talk about death. And this will be on your final exam.

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My friend was telling me the other day that his wife's intuition is so highly developed that she knows he's wrong before he says anything.

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A minister had all of his remaining teeth pulled out. New dentures were being made. The first Sunday, he only preached 10 minutes. The second Sunday, he preached only 20 minutes. On the third Sunday, he preached 1 hour 25 minutes.

When asked about this by some of the congregation, he responded, “The first Sunday, my gums were so sore it hurt to talk. The second Sunday, my new dentures were hurting me a lot. The third Sunday, I accidentally grabbed my wife's dentures. I don't know what happened, I just couldn't stop!”

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