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The owner of a musical instrument store summoned one of his staff who was overheard arguing with a customer. He asked her what they were arguing about. "She wanted a guitar, and I told her we didn't have one."

The boss said, "So she wanted a guitar, the customer is always right. Why did you give her a hard time?"

"Well, for starters, she was left-handed, so she wasn't right."

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I had a question for my English as a second language teacher...

Me: This word confuses me, can you give me a sentence using 'apparently'?

Teacher: Apparently, you don’t know what apparently means.

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What is the the difference in counting cattle vs sheep?

Counting cattle does not put you to sleep!

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Moe: "Where did Larry go?"

Curly: "He’s round in front."

Moe: "I know what he looks like, I just wanted to know where he went."

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