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There once was a man from Pawtucket...

Who kept all his cash in a bucket...

His daughter, named Nan...

Ran off with a man...

And as for the bucket - Nantucket!

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My friend keeps saying, “Cheer up, it could be worse, you could get stuck underground in a hole full of water.”

I know he means well.

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During a recent meeting of the local Optimist Club, they challenged one another to come up with an inspirational sentence using the word countenance.

This was the winning entry: "I put a cheerful countenance on people every day."

It was submitted by our local funeral director.

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One of the oldest dances popular in D.C. has a new name: The Politician.

"All you have to do is take three steps forward, two steps backward, then side-step, side-step, and turn around."

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