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A man was waiting for a bus. When the bus arrived he asked the driver, "How much for the bus?"

The the driver replied, "It's one dollar."

The man said, "Get everyone out of the bus, I'll take it!"

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They really should stock ATM’s better.

I went to 5 different ones today and they all said insufficient funds.

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Daughter: "Mom, can you lend me $100?"

Mother: "What? Do you think I have $50? Don't you know it's hard to earn $20? Even $10 I don't have. Luckily I keep $5 in my purse. How about I lend you $2?"

Daughter: "Give it to me quickly. It might come down to $1."

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A police officer found a lost toddler hysterically calling her mother. The police tried to talk and console the toddler.

Police: "Don't worry child, I will help you go home. Where do you live?"
Toddler: "With my parents."

Police: "Where do your parents live?"
Toddler: "With me."

Police: "Where do you all live?"
Toddler: "In our house."

Police: "Where is your house?"
Toddler: "Next to our neighbor's house."

Police: "Where is your neighbor's house?"
Toddler: "Will you get me home if I tell you?"

Police: "Tell me."
Toddler: "Next to our house."

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