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A policeman saw a man dressed in full cowboy garb -- hat, chaps, duster, six-shooters, boots, and spurs -- standing on a street corner in a busy city. He approached the cowboy and asked him his name.

"Call me Tex!" was the cowboy's reply.

"Well, Tex, where are you from, Texas?" the policeman asked.

"Nah, I'm from Louisiana, but I couldn't very well have you call me Louise!"

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Jose was chatting with his friend Pablo. He said to Pablo, “My wife is a BIG spendthrift. She keeps asking me for more and more money every week.”

Pablo asked, “But what does she spend all that money on?”

Jose replied, “Who knows, I never give her any money.”

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Where do fish go on vacation?

To Finland!

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You ever wonder, why is the alphabet in the order that it is???

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