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A scientist finally realizes his dream of creating a formula for becoming invisible. Entering the family home, he trips over a mysterious unseeable lump. The mystery quickly unraveled after finding a note left by his less scientific sibling written as follows:

Dear Brother,

Hope you don’t mind. I’ve borrowed your formula to do some tests of my own. First, I will run through walls! Second...

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A Yankee tourist in London went aboard the old battleship "Victory", which was Lord Nelson's flagship in several of his famous navel triumphs.

An English sailor escorted the Yank over the vessel, and coming to a raised brass tablet on the deck, he said, as he reverently removed his hat, "This, sir, is the spot where Lord Nelson fell."

"Oh, it is," replied the American. "Well, that ain't nothing. I nearly tripped on that darn thing myself."

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A girl went to a palmist to have her hand read.

"I see that you are in love with a tall man with a front tooth missing," the palmist said to her.

"That's right," was the reply.

"I see that he has ask you to marry him and his name is Bill Jones," the palmist said.

"That's marvelous," said the girl. "How can you tell that from the lines on my hand?"

"It's not the lines I am reading," the palmist said, "It's the ring you are wearing. I gave it back to Bill two weeks ago."

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In my Sunday school class the focus was marriage or divorce, "The rapidly increasing divorce rate," remarked one member of the group, "indicates that America is indeed becoming the land of the free."

"Yes," replied the prosaic friend, "but the continued marriage rate suggests that America is still the home of the brave."

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