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Have you ever noticed that sibling toddlers converse with one another in what I call their 'mother tongue'. They can understand one another, and only they can understand one another.

If you were one of these siblings and wish to revisit your mother tongue, take it from me, about ten shots of tequila ought to do it.

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A snake slithers into a bar and the bartender says, “Sorry, buddy. I can’t serve you.”

“Why not?” the snake asks.

“Because you can’t hold your liquor.”

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A man weaving up to a local bar orders a whiskey. The bartender Joe, noticing the condition of Tony, says, "I can't serve you Tony, you have had too much to drink."

Tony walks around the block and comes in the side door and orders a whiskey. Joe again says, "You have had too much already. I can't serve you."

Tony walks the block again and comes in the back door and orders a whiskey and before Joe has a chance to refuse him the drink, Tony says, "Hey Joe! How many places do you work at?"

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Two emos walk in to a bar.

One says, "We should hang out sometime!"

The other says, "Sure, what tree?"

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