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I walk into a bar and ask the bartender for a Screwdriver.

He disappears and reappears twenty minutes later with a Philips Head screwdriver.

I look at him aghast and say, “What would you have done if I asked for a Bloody Mary?”

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Do not keep roasted peanuts in transparent jar, they disappear fast.

But if you keep roasted cashews in transparent jar next to peanut jar, the peanuts last longer.

However, if you add third element... let's say a nearby liquor bottle... then all will disappear in no time!

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What did the vampire say to the bartender?

"I'll have a blood lite!"

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A mason visited a house to repair the water leakage of the ceiling. He found the hour owner drinking.

He asked, "When did you come to know that your ceiling is leaking?"

The owner replied, "Last night when it took me three hours to finish a single peg."

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