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"When are you going to fix that front fence," said the farmers wife.

"Next week when Johnny Jr. comes home from college," replied Johnny Sr.

"What will the boy know about fixing a fence?"

"He ought to know a heap. He wrote me that he'd been taking fencing lessons for over a month."

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Can you please stop asking Santa for the perfect woman???

I almost got kidnapped 3 times today!!!

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Gladys: "Listen to this, Mable. This is what my boy friend says in his letter. 'Darling, I think of you all day. Your naturally waved hair. Your brownish-gray eyes. Your slightly prominent cheekbones and your twenty-four inch waist.'"

Mable: "Wow, that's a strange sort of love letter."

Gladys: "Oh, didn't I tell you? Bob writes those descriptions of people that are wanted by the law."

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One Sunday after services one of the ladies approached the pastor's wife and commented, "What nice buttons you have sewed onto your sons jacket. My husband once had some like that on his suit."

The pastor's wife replies, "Why thank you for the complement. I get all my buttons out of the collection plate."

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