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What do you call a receipt for the transfer of a wind-powered boat?

Either a bill-of-sail or a sails-receipt.

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Wife: Honey, I saved $1 off on a loaf of bread!

Husband: That’s fantastic! How did you do that?

Wife: Well, I bought a 10lbs bag of birdseed.

Husband: But we don’t have any birds.

Wife: Yes I know but the birdseed came with 50 cents off dog food coupon that I used to buy dog food.

Husband (frustratedly): WE DON’T HAVE ANY DOGS EITHER!!!

Wife: I KNOW! But the dog food came with $1 off bread coupon!

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At the County Fair the couple’s 50 Yard Dash event entailed the ladies jumping on the backs of their partners and riding to the finish line.

Of the fifty couples beginning the race only three couples left the starting line. Oddly enough, in all three men who did leave the starting line were all named Mark; not a Willie or a Sam in the bunch.

The judges said, “Well that’s it, next year we’re not going to say on your mark, get set, go.”

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I went to a Star Wars smoke shop...

You can smoke alright, but you're not allowed to chew-bacca!

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