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Little Johnny did not go to school one day. The next day when the teacher asked him why, he said, "Our cow was on heat, so I had to take her to the bull."

"Oh I see," said the teacher, "but I'm sure your father could have done that."

"No ma'am, he couldn't have," said Johnny, "it has to be the bull"

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Child: "Mom, may I have a bicycle for my birthday?"

Mom: "Will it make you behave any better if I do?"

Child: "No, but I’ll behave over a wider area."

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A man weaving up to a local bar orders a whiskey. The bartender Joe, noticing the condition of Tony, says, "I can't serve you Tony, you have had too much to drink."

Tony walks around the block and comes in the side door and orders a whiskey. Joe again says, "You have had too much already. I can't serve you."

Tony walks the block again and comes in the back door and orders a whiskey and before Joe has a chance to refuse him the drink, Tony says, "Hey Joe! How many places do you work at?"

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To the person who stole my glasses...

I will find you, I have contacts!

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