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During a recent visit to Pakistan, I was invited by a village chief, an old family friend, to his ancestral home. After a sumptuous dinner, we sprawled on a thick, soft carpet with huge pillows for the backrest in the lounge.

A domestic server brought two hookahs, placed them at a far end of the room and lit the tobacco in the bowls of the hookahs. Their long pliable tubes, carrying the smoke that passed through water, reached us to inhale.

I was wondering as to why the hookahs were placed at such a long distance from us. Seeing me amazed, the host pointed out, “We should remain as far away as possible from tobacco!”

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Teacher: "Make a sentence that starts with 'I'."

Bobby: "I is..."

Teacher: "No, Bobby. You should say 'I am', never 'I is'."

Bobby: "Okay. I am the 9th letter of the alphabet."

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I always tense up when coming to a speed bump...

But I am getting over it.

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Dad is down at the auto dealership, looking at potential choices.

“Cargo space?” he asks.

The salesman, slightly confused, finally replies, “Car no do that... car go road.”

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