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"Mom says that drinking a buffalo's milk makes us smarter."

"She's lying. If it did make one smarter, then the buffalo's calves would be scientists."

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Me: "I'll have the french dip."

Waitress: "French Fries?"

Me: "No, I'll Have the FRENCH DIP."

Waitress: (nods) "French Fries?"

Me: "No, I want the french dip. It's a beef sandwich that come with au jous sauce that you can dip it in."

Waitress: "Yes, I know what a french dip is. But would you like french fries with that?"

Me: "Oh. Yes, thank you."

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John: When I was in college one of my professors did a study on "WHAT IS THE BEST LENGTH FOR A PERSON'S LEGS."

Fred: That sounds interesting.

John: Yes it was, and do you know what he found to be the best length for a person's legs?

Fred: No, what was it?

John: Just long enough to reach the ground.

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Finally old enough to date, I awkwardly take my first girlfriend to a fancy restaurant where they don't have cheeseburgers or pizza on the menu.

Waitress: Soup or Salad?

Me: Sure, super salad sounds good!

Waitress: Sir, soup or salad?

Me: Yep, super salad sounds good.

Waitress, slightly annoyed: Would you like the soup.... or... the salad?

Me, embarrassed and red: I'll have the salad.

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