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Q: Why shouldn't you fall in love with a pastry chef?

A: He'll dessert you.

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"I heard JC Penney was opening even earlier for Black Friday this year!"

"Really, when?"


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Gigahertz: When the rock bands lead singer swan dives from the stage but no one catches him.
Megabyte: When your mouth overrides your ability to keep your job slinging hamburgers.

Hard Drive: That trip you make to the in-laws every Sunday for dinner!
Microwave: When you lift one finger off the steering wheel to wave.

Keyboard: The main structural backbone in ship building.
Algorithms: Highly trained dancing alligators.

Semi-Conductor: Person in training to lead an orchestra.
Terabyte: When a pitbull latches on to the seat of your pants but you emerge unscathed.

C++ code language: When you earned a B but your college professor doesn't like your pink hair.
Blue Tooth: When a lack of brushing goes way beyond the yellow tooth stage.

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I'm beginning to think my five year old grandson is a genius...

I can't tell his paintings from that of Picasso!

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