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Tim: Down at the bus stop, everyone is hunting for a few quarters someone dropped?

Tom: I suppose you were looking around too.

Tim: No, I was just standing there with my foot on the quarters.

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There was a lawyer who was a big U2 fan...

Yeah, he was pro-Bono!

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I was making Play-doh animals with my four-year-old niece, Chris, and her three-year-old brother, Neil. While Chris was clearly molding a crude but recognizable dog, figuring what Neil was making was a bit more challenging.

"It's a cat," he told me, "but a truck ran over it."

Sometime later, Chris had made another simple animal shape, but Neil had a rather flat slab of dough on the table in front of him.

"What happened to this one?" I asked.

Neil shrugged and said simply, "Same truck."

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A woman rushed into the supermarket to pick up a few items. She headed for the express lane where the clerk was talking on the phone with the back turned to her.

"Excuse me," she said, "I'm in a hurry. Could you check me out, please?"

The clerk turned, stared at her for a second, looked her up and down, smiled and said, "Not bad."

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