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My mom is a less than fastidious housekeeper.

One evening my dad returned home from work, walked into the kitchen and teased her, "You know, dear, I can write my name in the dust on the mantel."

Mom turned to him and sweetly replied, "Yes, darling, I know. That's why I married a college graduate."

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During a recent visit to Pakistan, I was invited by a village chief, an old family friend, to his ancestral home. After a sumptuous dinner, we sprawled on a thick, soft carpet with huge pillows for the backrest in the lounge.

A domestic server brought two hookahs, placed them at a far end of the room and lit the tobacco in the bowls of the hookahs. Their long pliable tubes, carrying the smoke that passed through water, reached us to inhale.

I was wondering as to why the hookahs were placed at such a long distance from us. Seeing me amazed, the host pointed out, “We should remain as far away as possible from tobacco!”

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Man: "Oh Guru! Why is it that when I open my eyes in bed at night, I see an aura light around my wife's head? What does it all mean spiritually?"

Guru: "She's checking your cellphone."

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A bunch of men were sitting around the playing poker.

"I win!" said Johnson.

Henderson threw down his cards, "That's it! I've had it! Johnson is cheating!!!"

"How can you tell?" Phillip asked.

"Those aren't the cards I dealt him!"

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