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Mr. Benson: "Honey, have you seen the newspaper."

Mrs. Benson: "I wrapped the garbage in it."

Mr. Benson: "Oh, but I had wanted to see it."

Mrs. Benson: "Oh, there wasn't much the see, just a banana peel and some old coffee filters."

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When I’m asked how I like retirement, I tried telling a few jokes...

But none of them worked.

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When did Anakin's Jedi masters know he was leaning towards the dark side?

In the Sith Grade.

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Harold: "That singer has a terrible voice. Who is she, anyway?"

Joe: "She's my wife."

Harold: "Well, uhm, uh, I didn't really mean her voice, I meant the awful music she has to sing. Who wrote it, anyway?"

Joe: "I did."

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