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Lately my wife looks at me like I’m just a piece of meat...

And it wouldn’t bother me if she wasn’t a vegan.

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My teenage son asked me if I ever fell in love with a high school teacher.

"In fact, I did. She was gorgeous! I couldn't take my eyes off of her... I dreamt of a life together with her day and night."

"Wow! What happened with that, dad?" he excitedly asked.

"Your mom moved you to another school."

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A guy goes to a fish exhibit and sees the owner take out his wallet and place it on the nose of a carp in a fairly large pool.

The carp swims to the other end, transfers the wallet to another fish, and it swims back and gives the wallet back to the owner.

I was amazed as it was the first time I'd seen Carp-to-Carp Walleting!

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Me: "Why did the chicken cross the road?"

8 yr old nephew: "To get to the idiot's house."

Me: "Oh... uh... yeah, good one, haha."

8 yr old nephew: "Wanna hear another one? Knock knock..."

Me: "Who's there?"

8 yr old nephew: "The chicken."

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