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People you do not want to hear say, "OOPS!":

• Your surgeon.
• Your dentist.
• Your nurse.
• Your hairdresser.
• Your mechanic.
• Your gardener.
• Your tax accountant.
• The computer tech person.
• The house painter.
• The pilot.
• The crew installing your roof.
• Your lover.

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When a young man left his dorm and moved into an apartment, he went shopping for cleaning equipment. His cart was loaded with a broom, mop, dust-pan, sponges and a full array of cleaning products.

At the last minute he topped off his cart with a lone food purchase -- a large bag of potato chips.

Seeing the checkout clerk's quizzical look, he explained, "I'm a very messy eater."

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Two farmers, a bit hard of hearing were talking.

Frank: Are you going to Adrian's today?

Joe: No, I’m going to Adrian's.

Frank: Oh, my bad. I thought you were going to Adrian's today.

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I started a new workout routine this week, doing crunches twice a day...

I do Cap'n in the morning and Nestle's in the afternoon.

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