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When I was at the gym yesterday, everyone kept asking me why I was always sitting still on the stationary bike.

I’m going downhill, dude, mind your own business.

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My wife asked me why I call her 12?

Dozen cook, dozen clean, dozen do anything...

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When our son Jimmy went to Navy boot camp, we waited impatiently for word from him.

Finally we received a post card telling us he was doing well and we shouldn't worry. It went on to say that he was being kept busy acclimating to a military lifestyle and that he would send a detailed letter in a couple of weeks.

After reading his card a second time, however, we noticed that Jimmy had faintly underlined letters throughout the note.

When the letters were combined, his hidden message read, "Help me!"

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So my co worker just said: "You shouldn’t eat red meat!"

I said: "My grandfather lived to be 100yrs old."

He said: "Did he eat red meat?"

I said: "No, he minded his own business."

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