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Bob sent Alice the following email: "Dear Alice, I must be getting so forgetful. I proposed to you last night , but have forgotten whether you said yes or no."

Alice replied: "Dear Bob. It is so good to hear from you. I know I said no to someone last night, but I had forgotten just who it was."

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The new chairman, giving his acceptance speech at the annual meeting of a local society club indicated his concern...

"In most associations half the members do most of the work while the other half does nothing. Beginning today this will change. From this day forward this will be reversed!"

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"Hello," exclaimed Jenkins, as he met his friend Jones. "You're looking a bit off color. Anything wrong?"

"I'm afraid there is," replied Jones, "I've had to give up drinking, smoking and gambling."

"Well, I must say that's all to your credit," commended Jenkins.

"Oh, no, it isn't," snapped Jones. "Its due to my lack of credit."

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As the cruise ship was departing port, a well dressed passenger approached the Captain. Pointing to the distant hills she asked, "What is that white stuff?"

The Captain replied, "That is snow, madam."

"Well," remarked the lady, "I thought so. But a gentleman told me it was Greece."

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