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What did the snowman say when he felt he was misunderstood?

Did you get my drift?

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I asked my friend Jim about our mutual friend Inge. She seemed down and depressed.

Jim answered, "She used to be the 'Bell of the Ball'. But nobody ever tolled her!"

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Man walks into the barbershop, sits down in the chair and the barber asks, "How do you want your haircut?"

The man says, " I would like the sideburns one high and one low, a few long hairs sticking out of the back and a few chunks on the side and top."

The barber looks puzzled and says, "I'm not sure I can do that."

The customer says, "Why not, you did it that way last time."

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I went to this great yard sale the other day. There were lots of sports memorabilia, electronics, and guy stuff. A huge 50 inch flat screen TV caught my eye with a price tag on $50 on it!

"You only want $50 for this big TV? It must have something wrong with it" I remarked.

"I'll let it go for $50". He said. "It works great, except when you turn it on the volume starts out and stays all the way up."

"Man, I sure can't turn that deal down!"

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