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Teacher: What did you do over the long weekend?

Little Johnny: We went to Samson hill for a picnic but dad forgot to load the picnic basket. My mom looked at dad put her wrist on her hip and began to tap her toe. In seconds my dad was a hundred yards away at the bottom of the hill.

Teacher: So your dad ran away?

Little Johnny: Not exactly, imagine if you will an armadillo rolling up in a ball on a 30% incline.

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I was sending out a business email to several people and shortly thereafter my daughter, Margaret, sent back a message, “I think this was meant for a different Margaret.”

So I tried again, but didn’t realize my auto-fill kept adding daughter Margaret to the email, not the Margaret I was trying to email.

Another email from the daughter came: “You did it again. Wrong Margaret.”

I replied, “This is frustrating. There’s just one way to solve this. Daughter, you need to change your name.”

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Sometimes the only luck a person has is BAD luck. For example, Noah spent over 50 years building a boat. During that time, it never rained even once.

Then when Noah finally completed the boat and got ready to do some serious fishing, it rained for 40 days and 40 nights!

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Children are like pancakes.

The first one always comes out a little weird.

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