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A little boy said he wanted a baby brother. His Dad smiled and suggested he pray for one.

The boy prayed earnestly, night after night, but after a couple weeks with no baby brother, he didn't bother to ask anymore.

A few months later Dad said Mom was in the hospital and had a surprise. When they got to the room, the little boy saw Mom holding two babies!

"Well, what do you think about having twin brothers?" Dad asked.

The little boy, in awe, said: "I'm glad I stopped praying when I did!"

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I was working in the sun all day, putting finishing touches on the new deck outside my house. My sister pulled into the driveway, greeted me, and looked over my work.

"Wow," she gushed, "you're an expert."

Feeling complimented and satisfied, but trying not to seem egotistical, I responded... "Once you get going, it's pretty easy!"

She looked puzzled and wondering if I'd misunderstood her I asked, "What did you just say?"

She replied, "I said your neck's burnt!"

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Why did a budget Airlines that only has late evening flights go out of business?

Word got out it was a fly by night outfit.

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The condemned man was waiting for his execution, when the priest arrived.

"My son, I came to bring the word of God to you."

"No thanks, Father. I'm going to talk to Him in a little while, personally. Any message?"

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