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John left his twin twelve year old boys in the car while he went into a store. While there he spotted a vender selling ice cream cones. He bought one chocolate and one vanilla for the boys.

When he got back to the car he asked them which one they wanted. The boys looked at the ice cream cones for a few seconds trying to decide.

A sly grin came across one boys face. He pointed to his brother and said, "I want his!"

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What kind of horse comes out only after night?

A night-mare!

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A big bullfrog is in the middle of the swamp crying out his lament about being stuck so far from all the action.

Out of nowhere this fairy godmother appears and tells him he will have an encounter with a beautiful young woman in three years. The bullfrog asks this fairy godmother why it will take so long.

"The woman is only in eighth grade now, and will not be dissecting frogs in Biology until her Junior year."

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Question: What can you get if you have 50 cent?

Answer: Hip-Hop and Rap.

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