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As I scratch off my numbers on my ticket, I get to thinking. Can a person be rich even with little or no money?

Money is said to buy happiness and the rich are happy, right? The rich never worry nor are they greedy, right? The rich need personal security to protect them and their assets, right? The rich don’t need walls to protect their property, right? The rich never have family asking for financial support, right? The rich contribute great amounts to help others, right? The rich are smarter, right? Being rich attracts great and genuine love, right?

Wait a second... Hold on... I just won the lottery… I JUST WON THE LOTTERY!!!

Just ignore the above!

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“Will marry me?”


2 hours of uncomfortable silence in the hot air balloon.

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I was swimming in the ocean and my dentures fell out...

But it's okay, it was only in-sea-dental.

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Not only did my girlfriend not want to join me trekking the Appellation Trail, she didn’t want to be apart for 41 days this summer.

After some back and forth on the subject she finally gave me the go ahead. Upon my return I found out she had a new boyfriend.

I don’t understand why, after all I distinctly remember her telling me to “Take a Hike!”

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