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A newcomer to the neighborhood consulted one of the established residents in regard to a doctor.

"My little daughter," she explained, "has swallowed a gold piece and has got to be operated on. I wonder if Dr. Robertson is to be trusted?

"Without a doubt," her neighbor assured her, "he's absolutely honest."

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The neighborhood I lived in had a storm rapidly pass through.

When I returned home from work I noticed our outbuilding was gone.

Asking my wife about it, her reply was simple, "Gone with the Wind!"

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Theater patron 1: "There was a fire in the dressing room of the star backstage. The firemen were there for six hours."

Theater patron 2: "Am I understanding you correctly that it took six hours to put out a fire in the dressing room?"

Theater patron 1: "Oh no, it took only one hour to put out the fire. It took another five hours to put out the fireman."

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I tried to change my password to "14days"...

It was rejected as "too weak"!

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