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Whenever the cashier at the grocery store asks my dad if he would like the milk in a bag he replies,

‘No, just leave it in the carton!’

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The flight home from a recent business trip was pretty empty. So the pilot made a simple request of the passengers.

"We have a little extra room tonight, folks," he said over the PA system. "So if you wouldn't mind, please take a window seat so the competition thinks the plane is full."

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This is my step ladder...

I never knew my real ladder.

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At the final stop of a bus line, a reporter is taking a poll. She approaches a man and asks him, "When you are sitting in the bus and an elderly person enters, do you get up and give up your seat?"

The man responds with emphasis, "No way!"

Surprised the reporter asks, "Well, why not?"

The man answers, "I'm the driver."

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