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Frankie: "So, I took my girlfriend out for dinner at this fancy restaurant last night; she orders a bowl of soup, and wouldn't you know it, she finds a fly in her soup!"

Jeff: "Oh, that's awful! What did she do?"

Frankie: "Well, she turns to the waiter and calls, 'Waiter, remove this insect!"

Jeff: "And what happened then?"

Frankie: "He kicked me out the door."

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My wife and I were stuck in traffic.

Frustrated, I looked at her and said: “I’m turning round.”

She replied: “I know - stop eating so many burgers.”

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Mr. Benson: "Honey, have you seen the newspaper."

Mrs. Benson: "I wrapped the garbage in it."

Mr. Benson: "Oh, but I had wanted to see it."

Mrs. Benson: "Oh, there wasn't much the see, just a banana peel and some old coffee filters."

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When I’m asked how I like retirement, I tried telling a few jokes...

But none of them worked.

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