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Cabin temperature: 72 degrees
Stewardess: “Complimentary blanket, sir?”
Traveler: “No way, I’m boiling in here!”

Cabin temperature: 68 degrees
Stewardess: “Blanket, sir? Only $5!”
Traveler: “Nah, I’m warm enough, thanks!”

Cabin temperature 64 degrees
Stewardess: “Blanket, sir? Only $20!”
Traveler: “No thanks, I’m tough!”

Cabin temperature 60 degrees
Stewardess: “Blanket, sir? Only $50!”
Traveler: “Yeah, ok, I’ll take 3!”

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Finland has closed it's border.

Now no one can cross the Finnish line.

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A daddy was listening to his child say his prayer and he hear a "Dear Harold."

At this, dad interrupted and said, "Wait a minute, why did you call God 'Harold'?"

The little boy looked up and said, "That's what they call Him in church. You know the prayer we say, 'Our Father, who art in Heaven, Harold be Thy name.'"

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David's colleague at a package-processing center was trapped in a small rest room by a faulty lock. When he was finally discovered, David and another worker were able to open the door with some difficulty. The lock was still jammed, so they blocked the door open while a maintenance worker was called.

A bit later, David noticed the door was closed again. He jiggled the doorknob and a voice from inside called, "Get me out!"

"Don't worry," David replied, "maintenance should be sending somebody."

"They did," said the voice.

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