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Because of back problems, each night I lie on the floor and do exercises.

Once when we stopped at a motel, as I started my exercise, something under the bed caught my eye.

It was a card. On it was written, "Yes, we do clean under here, too."

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A driver pulled up beside a rundown farmhouse. He got out and knocked at the door. A very old woman answered the door, and he asked her for directions.

"Don't know how to get there," the woman said. He got back in his car and pulled away.

Then he heard voices. He looked in his rearview mirror and saw the woman and an equally old man waving for him to come back. So he made a U-turn and drove up to them.

"This is my husband," the old woman said. "He doesn't know how to get there either."

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Q: What is in the middle of nowhere?

A: The letter H.

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Did you hear the joke about the old man with the broken hearing aid?

Neither did he.

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